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>Subject: [pbs] Doryanthes
>Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 07:37:53 -0700
>New list member Peter Thomson from Sydney, Australia, sent me pictures of 
>Doryanthes excelsa to share with everyone and I just late last night found 
>time to add them to the wiki and make a page which I will move into place 
>alphabetically when I find more time. Does anyone know what the up to date 
>family is for this genus? My Australian books say Agavaceae and it 
>certainly has that appearance to me, but since appearance is no longer 
>always what we go by...  Other choices I've seen on the Internet that make 
>less sense to me are Liliaceae and Amaryllidaceae. The common name for this 
>plant is Gymea Lily, but one of my books also calls it Gigantic Lily which 
>seems appropriate. We saw Doryanthes palmeri in Australia and it too was 
>very impressive. I'd think you'd need to have a large garden for these 
>plants. The Encyclopedia of Australian plants suitable for  cultivation 
>says they are highly suited as container plants, but the containers need to 
>be large. I wonder how large that might be. Any Australian members growing 
>either of the species in your gardens?
>Mary Sue
>Hi Mary Sue:
Doryanthes excelsa is rather common here in public parks in Buenos Aires. I 
can not figure a container big enough to grow it, perhaps a 200 litre one? 
On the other hand, they are easy in the ground and require no extra 
watering. Incidentally they are no geophytes whatsoever.
All the best
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