The Veracity of Google

Angela and Dean
Tue, 12 Dec 2006 21:37:51 PST
Hi all, I used to be a librarian somewhere in my past - I have always known 
that if kids need to do homework, they need to use books, not the Internet.
So I agree, just because one person says something on the net, it doesn't 
make it true, but for a publisher to go to the lengths of publishing 
something, that's different, and then some librarian has to check whether it 
goes into fiction or no-fiction, etc, etc,
No one does any of that on the web.
Merry christmas
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> >Has anyone else followed many of the photo links on World Checklist 
> >pages?
>>At present, they're set up to do a Google search of images under whichever
>>name you've clicked, with the thoroughly bizarre result that all sorts of
>>erroneous photos appear.

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