Stealing from your neighbours

Paul T.
Fri, 26 Apr 2013 02:21:42 PDT
Howdy Folks,

A quick voice of reason here..... how would you feel coming home and 
having plants stolen out of your garden?  There is a big difference 
between liberating things from a derelict house (which really is 
saving them from an uncertain future, rather than taking them from a 
loving home) and stealing them out of someone's garden.  As someone 
who has had quite large pots of liliums and dwarf crepe myrtles 
stolen from my driveway I am a bit mortified that so many of you are 
saying that it is perfectly OK to steal things out of other people's 
gardens.  I recall quite clearly how upset I was when I found they 
were gone.  Have the courtesy to ask someone if you want a piece of 
something, as I am certain you want others to have the courtesy in 
your own garden.

Yes, I know I am being prim and proper, but I've had stuff stolen 
from my garden and it changes how you feel about it.  The plants I 
had stolen were actually put into my driveway so that people could 
enjoy them when walking by, as I thought the colour would be lovely 
and that far more people than just me could enjoy the show.  I have 
never put any pots there since of course, as I don't want to lose them.

Sorry to be so serious, but only a few of us have actually said 
anything to emphasise that this is still theft, and at the moment it 
looks like this list advocates stealing plants you want from other 
peoples gardens.  I think that anyone who has just joined this list 
may be wondering just what this list is about.   I realise that much 
of the rest of the conversation was fairly tongue in cheek, but it IS 
still theft and I'm not sure that the PBS list should be advocating it.

Sorry, rant over, but I felt that someone had to lay it out pretty 
plainly.  Please don't shoot the messenger....


Paul T.
Canberra, Australia 

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