rescue horror stories; was Re: Little Mystery Bulb

M. Gastil-Buhl
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 08:03:12 PDT
I want to share my own bulb rescue story... or rhizome in this case.…

This blue bearded iris used to grow in a front yard along my walk to  
the bus stop. For years I admired it each spring and wished I had the  
nerve to snag just one offshoot to take home. I never met the home  
owners or I would have asked. Then one day there was a big dumpster  
and a crew of workers scraping the ground bare! I asked if I might  
pull some plants out of their piles. They said no, probably liability  
concerns. I was heartbroken. On the way home from the bus stop that  
evening, the dumpster was still there, full. I thought the iris would  
be buried under yards of sod but when I looked in, there they were,  
neatly stacked in a corner right on top. Im certain one of the workers  
must have overheard my request and secretly stashed them there for me.

That was years ago. Since then these have multiplied and bloomed  
magnificently every spring in my back yard.

- Gastil in Santa Barbara

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