The Deed Is Done

Judy Glattstein
Thu, 25 Apr 2013 15:15:38 PDT
So I drove back across the river today and dug about 3 clumps. Either 
someone is picking the flowers or some critter is eating the flowers 
because there were fewer in bloom. My timing was good as the ground 
cover of poison ivy is sending forth its deep red leaves . . . . .

I walked around a bit. This must have been a wonderful property at one 
time, and as real estate agents love to say "it has potential." The 
Delaware River is visible from two different sides of the house as the 
water curves around a bit. There is a debilitated brick / concrete 
walled garden in back, brick pillars, curved top. Concrete spalling and 
falling off. More poison ivy, more Scilla, more daffodils, one scrawny 
hyacinth with a deeper pink stripe on pink petals. Didn't see anything 
else of note - no bearded iris, no peonies, etc.

The plywood nailed over windows and doors is weathered to silver gray. I 
noticed that one window has the bottom right corner of the plywood 
gnawed off - squirrels? raccoons? have a veritable palace to inhabit.

Separated the bulbs, even salvaging a couple of single leaf seedlings - 
if I dug it, I feel honor bound to give it a chance. Good thing I 
restrained myself because as it was there were numerous bulbs. Will give 
them a day to settle into their numerous pots and then begin dilute 
liquid feed to plump them up.

"Salvage" is a good word, don't you think? If the police had come by 
that's what I was going to say.

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