Little Bitty Dusters for applying fungicide

steven hart
Sun, 22 Dec 2013 02:23:35 PST
Hi guys !!  a fabulous tool for dusting sulphur is the old girlfriend's
makeup soft blush brush... Dab a little on & you can dust with super fine
even coverage with a gentle tap with your finger on the handle or twisting
like a finger print brush.... None under the fingernails, none puffing into
the air from a puffer, less in the nose : )  Sorry girls, keep your makeup
cases locked haha......

While your on Sulphur, I have been nervous about some long dormant Crinum
Luteolum 4 years old in poor degraded mix that I cant replace just yet, we
have had lots of rain & some have collar rotted for the first time
ever..... Can anyone tell me if sulphur is safe in this case ?   & to use
on this species ?

On 22 December 2013 14:02, Diane Whitehead <> wrote:

> Well, I hope it's non-toxic.   No gloves, mask, etc.  I might use one
> pinch in three or four years, and I wash my hands afterwards.
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