Planting Lilies

Sat, 16 Feb 2013 20:54:07 PST
We harvest ours early fall, sort and ship immediately. Previously we replanted holdovers asap but this winter I stored in damp peat @ 34 deg. They kept well showing no signs of root or stem growth. Replanting now.  I expect I could hold them until April with these conditions. Will try next year. 

This Maryland extension fact sheet has much information about lily bulb handling and storage and well as propagation for cut flowers.…

from the pdf

Bulb Storage and Handling
Lily bulbs ready for production are available
year round from bulb suppliers. Suppliers precool
the bulbs for 6 to 8 weeks at 34 to 36°F to
ensure that they flower more evenly. Once the
bulbs are precooled, suppliers freeze them in
peat moss at 28 to 29°F for storage (see photo
3). Freezing the bulbs prevents sprouting,
reduces loss of bulb energy reserves, and minimizes
disease occurrence.


After bulbs have been precooled, they should
not be exposed to temperatures above 36°F for
periods longer than 8 to 12 hours or premature
sprouting will occur. If the shoots of unplanted
lilies have grown beyond 2 inches, the bulbs
are worthless. Oftentimes lily bulbs available
through local garden centers or large chain
stores are held in heated retail areas, reducing
the quality of the lily bulb. Although these
bulbs are adequate for a homeowner’s purpose,
professional growers are not advised to use
them for cut flower forcing.

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> What time of year do you separate and replant your pacific coast native 
> lilies?

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