What's blooming this week (photos from habitat)

M. Gastil-Buhl gastil.buhl@gmail.com
Mon, 25 Feb 2013 19:54:46 PST
Hi Antigoni,

It seems Greece has lovely wild flowers. It is nice to see bulbs in  
their habitat.

For a comparison to those Romulea, see

I do not see a yellow-orange center, which R. ramiflora have.
Did you happen to notice if there is a pattern on the exterior side of  
the tepals?
I do not know Romulea, but your wild ones look a bit like my R.  
linaresii, which according to GBIF does occur in Greece,
and are blooming in my garden now.
But even mine are provisionally identified.

That Iris is just so lovely I hope you revisit that spot in seed pod  

- Gastil
Santa Barbara, California

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