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Thu, 31 Jan 2013 00:23:15 PST
I can send you corms Jim
not the best quality and time to send, but they are not dead

there is only one grower from C. Spring Beauty
J v.d Berg from Boltha BV
They grow only on large scale C. Spring Beauty
C. minimus is over 10 times more expensive so why replace them ,
The opposite should be more logic
C. minimus makes much smaller corms and increase very slow by
"division" but fast by seed
I have the same experience here with the C. minimus I collected in Corsica


2013/1/31 Jim McKenney <>:
> Good, now we're getting somewhere.
> If the corms in Roland's image are corms of true  'Spring Beauty', then it's obvious that they are not corms of a form of Crocus biflorus (for those of you who are trying to follow this but are not croconuts, C. isauricus is often placed as a form of C. biflorus).
> The question to resolve now it seems to me is this: is the true  'Spring Beauty' simply a large-cormed form of C. minimus, or is it something else?
> Until that is resolved, doesn't it make better sense to refer to this plant as Crocus 'Spring Beauty' while we wait for its relationship to be determined?

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