Iris collina resurrection

aaron floden
Wed, 30 Jan 2013 19:50:59 PST
To do a whole study of populations of a single species at the genomic level is still too costly for most labs. For example, looking at 15 populations, and sampling heavily enough within those populations, ca. 20-30 samples at minimum, and then amplifying 150K base pairs for each sample would be extremely costly for the average lab. The data that might be obtained could be fairly interesting though. 

The methods still used and mostly published are not compromised, but just not the latest and greatest. Science isn't pop music always looking for the newest "thing" (well....). 
A single gene nuclear tree can sometimes produce a better tree than one composed of 30K base pairs of chloroplast data. So more data is not always better than good data to begin with.  

Nhu, that should be TRILLIONS. 



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Are we looking at genes, or base pairs?
Population genomics looks like a powerful tool, and I'd like to learn more
about it (outside of this e mail group!)

Eugene Zielinski
Rapid City, SD

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> > DNA sequencer goggles are not (currently?) good enough to detect
> > and
> > subspecies, so many people whose DNA goggles are stuck on their heads
> > [hope/ suspect /
> > assume / believe / think / behave as though / wonder whether] variants
> > subspecies do
> > not actually exist.
> >
> Not true, Leo. We have the technology to sequence full genome to study all
> the variants of all genes in any given organism, and thus emerged the
> latest and hottest field of population genomics (a modern version of the
> old population genetics)...
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