chen-yi nursery

Fri, 07 Jun 2013 11:51:40 PDT

Please remember that there are spam mails  on the way in the name of 
Chen Yi as Uli did write a couple of days ago.
Chen Yi s plants are mostly if not all wild collected. Lots of the 
material is illegal. Half a year we ( Botanical gardens of Bonn) have 
got a parcel from the customs, which was confiscated! It did contain a 
lot of orchids and other plants. In Germany these parcels may be 
confiscated if the customs get behind. So maybe think about ordering 
The quality of the plants we received was very poor and some did soon. 
At least it is better in any way to buy the plants lokaly. So many 
things from here catalouge are already available in the trade. And 
quality is a lot better then....


Jutta Mäsgen
Michael Neumann
Bendenweg 24
53347 Alfter

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