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Sat, 23 Nov 2013 04:41:21 PST
Dear All, 
The busy season for the PBS BX is winding down. It has been, once again, much more active and successful than in any previous season.  Thank you, to the donors and to the members who ordered! 
I hope that you will remember to renew your memberships which end at the New Year, so that you can continue to share in the wealth that the BX offers to members.
Some reminders:
Read the introductory message that prefaces each BX offering, sometimes there are important changes.
Donors, please remember that you should only send clean seeds and bulbs. That means, no chaff or hulls or flesh on seeds, and no soil on bulbs. Of course, meticulous sanitary caution is important, as well, to guard against disease and pests. Carelessness in this area can destroy plant collections!
And when you donate your materials, please be sure to label them in clear print or handwriting and label them accurately. (My skill with hieroglyphics is not as good as it was when my eyes were better.)
The paperwork to send seeds to Australia and New Zealand has become prohibitively time-consuming (the laws haven’t changed; the size of orders has). I will send out new requirements for placing BX orders for members in those countries in the near future.  
Best wishes for the upcoming holiday season !
Dell Sherk, PBS BX
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