Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Thu, 07 Nov 2013 06:57:31 PST
Hi Bruce and others,

We on the PBS completely understand your frustration, especially if you're
on the other side of the globe. Dell tries very hard to send out BX
announcements at different time of the day. If you look back that the
previous BX's you will notice that some were sent out during the day, some
were sent late at night. So, technically you should wake up and get the
announcement. With that said, the amount of demand much outweigh the supply.

To solve the supply problem, please consider sending your seeds to the PBS
so that we can balance out the supply issue!

PBS President

On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 4:28 AM, Bruce And Jillian Schroder <
bruceandjill.schroder@gmail.com> wrote:

> If you guys in the US are frustrated re offers that are gone within 24
> hours, spare a thought for us here in Oz that are sound asleep when the BX
> offers are published - they are generally depleted by the time we wake up!
>  It's hard enough here with Australia's strict quarantine laws that prevent
> any bulbs, corms etc from crossing our borders and as we are only able to
> source seed from overseas, access to lots of the loverlies on the PBS web
> site can be a real challenge!!

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