Treasurer's comments
Tue, 05 Nov 2013 08:12:00 PST
 Following up on Jane McGary's Membership Director's comments I'll  make a couple Treasurers' comments here. 

 I would first like to thank all of those who include and cards along with their much welcomed payments for Membership Dues and BX 's.  As you all know Dell does a spectacular job collecting and distributing the seeds and bulbs.  I get to see the sheer volume of his work when payments start rolling in.


When sending in payments with PayPal please include the BX number in the note section provided by PayPal.  The same holds for checks, write the BX number in the memo section on the check.  It's makes it easier when crediting the account.

You can send in multiple BX payments in one transaction as long as the relevant BX numbers are included.

All payments have to be in US dollars for them to be properly credited.

Thanks to all who contribute and keep the ball rolling along.

Best wishes for the coming Holiday season.

Arnold Trachtenberg
Treasurer, PBS

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