Michael Mace
Mon, 10 Feb 2014 18:16:39 PST
Brad wrote:

>> Since joining 19 days ago I have received about 100
posts, of these, half of them have been the debate on the British/American
definition of words like yard, garden and their various forms. Are you
kidding me? What a waste of space in this forum.

Welcome to PBS, Brad, and I'm sorry for your starting experience with the
forum. We usually do focus on bulb-related discussions, but the list
sometimes develops a kind of cabin fever where it goes off topic. I think
maybe the nasty weather that many members have been living through has
contributed to the latest outbreak. It's intensely annoying to some members,
and I apologize for contributing to it.

I hope you'll feel better about PBS after a year. The bulb and seed exchange
alone is a huge reason to be a member, and I hope you'll take advantage of

Meanwhile, since you're a new member, please tell us about your gardening
activities. What sorts of bulbs do you grow there in Ontario? And are they
in a greenhouse or out of doors? And do you have any questions we can help
you with?

Thanks, and again...welcome!

San Jose, CA 

PS: If you are receiving all of these messages individually, you might want
to put your discussion forum subscription in digest mode. That way you'll
receive only one or a couple of combined messages per day. It can cut down
the annoyance factor.

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