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Thank you, Kipp. I hope that your quilt does not turn into a kilt. You might catch cold.
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   Linguistic argumentation aside, I have also been busy
 collecting seeds this summer and just dropped a few nice
 items in the mail for an upcoming PBX.
   1) A very deep red form on Brunsvigia josephinae -
 the mother bulb was selfed to produce seeds on 2(!) bloom
 stems this season.
   2) Three species of wild-collected Calochortus
 including weedii (var intermedius) and clavatus (var
 clavatus) and fimbriatus.
   3) The most intriguing seed comes from the otherwise
 common Calochortus luteus. This seed is from rescued bulbs
 discovered in a couch-sized area of serpentine soil on a
 slope that was set for excavation for a new house (sadly,
 this was the second to last population of this species in
 San Francisco). I carefully sifted the soil of 1000s of
 Oxalis pes-caprae bulbs to find a handful each of bulbs of
 C. lueteus, Brodia terrestris and Dichelostemma capitatum.
 Many of these bulbs were transferred to a habitat
 restoration organization in San Francisco, but the few I
 kept for myself were the only Calochortus to bloom for me
 this year and they made copious seed.
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