email integration with forum

Started by gastil, March 24, 2021, 07:37:18 AM

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I saw David's post about email notifications/echos of forum posts. His post should be in this `new topic` I made just now.

Ah, I see SMF does not use the same markdown as github. Whatever.

I am searching the Help pages on this forum to see if I can figure out the email settings. No, do not jump in and help me. I want to experience this as a newbie on my own, even if the conclusion is that I cannot find the answer. That's data.

I agree with David that we do not want the emails to all look like they are coming from him and we do not want to have folks all pestering him for HowTo.  Given that our pbs list subscribers often cannot figure out that system, they're not going to figure out SMF on their own. And we do not have a Maggie Young. There is only one Maggie. (SRGC forum moderator, for anyone not familiar.)
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