Pop Up BX 484

Started by Bwosczyna, August 20, 2022, 11:38:48 AM

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Hi Everyone,

Chad Cox donated some sweet starts of a couple nice plants. But first, kindly see below:

This BX open for 36 hours (that's 2:00 am EST and 11:00 pm PST Monday/Sunday) - they leave my possession on Monday morning.
Standard rules apply: It's a lottery. You will get a reply from me acknowledging your request, but it will be just two words: "got it".  I spend a bit of time trying to sound friendly and I am, but it slows me down when I receive 50+ emails.  I beg your indulgence on this one.

You must be current on membership and any exchange fees you owe.  If you are unsure, email Jane McGary (janemcgary@earthlink.net) for membership questions and Arnold Trachtenberg (arnold140@verizon.net) for exchange fees potentially due.  

Send me an email to bulbexpbs@gmail.com and tell me what you are interested in.  I need your full name and full address.  
I know some folks will miss this email, it's the weekend, etc, but I won't usually need to move things this quickly.

A quick note, we have a few new members and that makes me very happy (as several of them are folks I know)  New members: feel free to email me if you have extras of things to share.  Even if it's just a few.  I assume we will have a larger BX sometime in the next couple months as summer growers go down.  In the interim, if you have something, keep us in mind. 

Only two things on offer this go-round:

1. Haemanthus albiflos  (a dozen or so small offsets with big potential!)
2. Cyrtanthus mackenii
(red) (another dozen or so - small but healthy)

Thanks and have a super rest of your weekend.