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Started by David Pilling, December 21, 2022, 09:44:11 AM

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David Pilling

I got this message today. Interesting for the plants, also as a comparison to the PBS wiki.

"I run 3 homepages which combine a botanical key with pictures. My aim is to describe the Flora of Germany (, the ornamental plants of Germany ( and the Flora of the Alps and the Mediterranean from Greece to Portugal ("


David Pilling

Individuals can do a lot. This is an example for the UK:

I suspect he went out hiking every week with a camera.

Martin Bohnet

I know and use (the one he tries to rebrand to flora-de for quite a while now. google doesn't follow ;) )  and for several years now, both are good sites with very good keys and descriptions. The Germany one is covering a good portion of the flora - with Mittelmeerflora I'm not competent enough to judge the bandwith. I think I've seen Zierpflanzenflora for the first time today, but I think he's totally in over his head with that one.

So: What's the idea, why did he contact us?
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Diane Whitehead

What a well-designed site the UK one is!  Everything right there.

Interesting information about more than just plants, too.  Like how butterfly wings are pigmented.
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David Pilling

Quote from: Martin Bohnet on December 21, 2022, 10:59:13 AMSo: What's the idea, why did he contact us?

He wanted to use some of my photos from the PBS wiki, of ranuculus asiaticus:

which is not a particularly interesting fact.