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Started by David Pilling, February 20, 2023, 08:52:13 AM

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David Pilling

Quoting Dave's Garden "B&T went into the French equivalent of liquidation on the 22nd June 2022."

Elsewhere "Evergreenseeds.com, the leading resource on plant care tips and gardening content on the web, has acquired b-and-t-world-seeds.com domain."

B&T always seemed a very comprehensive if expensive site, it is many years since I was wandering around the web seeking seeds.

Thanks to Martin for spotting this and removing B&T from the PBS sources page on the wiki.

Robin Hansen

I'm glad B&T was removed - there will be other bulb sources to be updated as well. I'm going through the list, emailing sources to verify current activity and will shortly provide a list for updating on the web. If you want it in a particular format, i.e. font, etc., please let me know.

Robin Hansen
President, PBS

David Pilling

On the wiki seed/bulb sources page:


There is a custom search engine behind that page, my main problem is what to add, what to delete and any changes in web site addresses.

As to the wiki page - depends if you want to change the formatting. Information on content changes are all that is needed. We've no way of importing text styling.

The original idea was that sources got on the list by public acclamation. Perhaps this is time for people to come up with some new sources.

Seems no time since we did the page (actually 2013) - easier to do things than to keep them up to date.