Mostly Nerine seed available

Started by Robert_Parks, December 07, 2022, 10:23:19 PM

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Hello again-

We have some seed shares that may be of interest to you.  Thanks again to
all who harvested the seed and brought it to the post office!

Please email me privately at by Sunday night/Monday morning,
I will portion seed, invoice and probably ship Monday/Tuesday.
$2 per packet, $4.50 shipping (Canada will calculate once packaged)

Remember that winter conditions may affect live seed shipping. Shipping is at your risk.

*Mary Sue Ittner:*
Scadoxus membranaceus (few)
Nerine sarniensis (winter rainfall)
Nerine masoniorum (evergreen)
Nerine humilis (winter rainfall)
Nerine 'Wombe' X 'Carmenita' - from the Zinkowski rescue, not N. sarniensis, but unlike my pots of those, flowers reliably
Nerine augustifolia (summer rainfall)

*Robert Parks*
Nerine filifolia (OP, but no other Nerine set seed)

Best regards, Robert