Canna virus?

Started by livingplanet3, May 04, 2023, 12:08:19 PM

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In March, I purchased some Rosemond Cole Canna rhizomes from an online supplier in WI. Although they have all now sprouted and produced their first leaves, I'm concerned that these plants might possibly be infected with a virus, as the leaves have odd coloration, including many light-colored speckles. Photos attached. Any advice?

If these are in fact carrying one or more of the viruses that commonly affect Cannas, what are the chances that it might spread to the other Canna varieties that I've also planted (again, as rhizomes) this spring, including Tropicanna, Cleopatra, Pretoria, and Yellow King Humbert? I've read that, like most plant viruses, those affecting Cannas seem to need a vector (such as aphids) in order to transfer from one plant to another. If such a vector doesn't happen to be present in my case, is there a reasonable chance that my other Canna varieties will be spared from infection, despite their very close proximity to the Rosemond Coles?


Your plants look more like a mineral deficiency than a virus.

Have a look at some examples of iron deficiency on the web.

See here:
Arnold T.
North East USA


Thanks for your reply, Arnold.  I really hope this simply due to a mineral deficiency, since that would be something I can correct through soil amendment.  I've not actually had it tested, but I seem to recall hearing that my local soil is somewhat alkaline, which might not be optimal for Cannas.  However, I have two other Canna varieties growing in the same soil, right next to the affected plants, and their leaves are completely normal.  This increases my suspicion that my Rosemond Cole Cannas have a virus -