Nerine clump threatened with going to the bin

Started by petershaw, September 07, 2023, 07:36:01 AM

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I've had a thing for these since trying to force them for a nursery almost 40yrs ago.

This clump was at least 10 yrs old and had never done a thing. We were redoing a spot in our landscape a month ago so I dug it up and sat it aside trying to decide with to do with it.

Two weeks later, still bare-root on a bench, there were signs of flower buds.

Currently sitting in a pot without any media, in the greenhouse it's saying, how do I look now!

(Don't mind the mess, the inverted tub covers my solar battery, the bin is sifted pumice and the the buckets are fertilizer concentrates that I dilute as needed.)



I have multiple small pots of Nerines that also have never done a thing for years and years.   Put up leaves, leaves die, that's it.  I'm gonna try the threat of "the bin" and see it that may work on my Nerines, as well.

Sylvia Sykora
SF Bay Area/Oakland Hills, CA

Diane Whitehead

Nerine bowdenii, which is hardy here, has just begun flowering in the garden.

Hybrids of Nerine sarniensis, which are not hardy, grow in pots in my cool greenhouse.  They are putting up leaves and some are almost ready to open their flowers.

I try to remember to follow the advice on the Rothschild website:

Any repotting should be done between May and August.
Soak the pots at the end of July.
In September, begin weekly watering and fertilize lightly every two weeks.

Diane Whitehead        Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
cool mediterranean climate  warm dry summers, mild wet winters  70 cm rain,   sandy soil


Heh, Root disturbance does the trick! Just like the best Amaryllis bloom is the ones where the leaves were weed-whacked off towards the end of the season (aka "Maybe we just had a wildfire?")