Nerine bowdenii

Started by Diane Whitehead, October 07, 2023, 01:53:14 PM

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Diane Whitehead

I just bought two more bowdenii from Phoenix Perennials in Vancouver BC - Elegance and Kashmir.  Oh, maybe they are both hybrids.

Kashmir:  Raised by Tony Norris from a cross between 'Blush Beauty' and 'Solent Swan'. In his catalogue  he says:"The strength of bowdenii with an almost white flower, with a pale pink centre. "


I discovered a nursery in the Netherlands that sells a lot of nerines, including a "Breeders' Mix" of bowdenii.  White, various pinks, salmon, bright red.  Really cheap, too - 85 euros each.  It took a lot of reading of the website to discover they don't sell anywhere except within the EU.  Very disappointing.

Then I found the website of Jacques Amand in the U.K. - not as many nerines as Eurobulb, but they are willing to ship anywhere.  The phyto will cost £75, and the postage will be even more than that.

I guess I'll just have to keep on hybridizing.
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