Smart Phone User Feedback Needed

Started by David Pilling, December 03, 2023, 09:34:45 AM

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David Pilling

I am trying to improve the user experience of the PBS online estate for phone users. At the moment I have "responsive tables" set up on the PBS wiki. They scroll side to side when the screen is small.

Feel free to offer comments about this or any other phone related matters.

Here's a PBS wiki page with a table on:


no scroll bars on my iPhone 13 mini with iOS 17.12 and looking at the link you gave using Safari (on the iPhone). See screenshots. 

btw, I was not logged in on the forum on my iPhone because I have no clue what my pw is and to change it requires the pw, so... I may be a smartphone user but I'm not a smart phone-user. 

No scroll side-to side is the result. However, I think I'd prefer it as-is, w/o scrollbar, since it is much easier to just scroll down and the columns self-adjust to screen width. 
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David Pilling

@gastil - the old way is that the text fits the screen width and tables poke out quite a long way to the right, to see the table you have to scroll the whole page (left-right).

The new way, the table is cropped to fit the screen width, and you have to scroll the table (left-right). There may be a scroll bar at the bottom of the table, otherwise you have to swipe the table.

I had a look at the Samsung browser on my phone, unlike Chrome it does not show a scroll bar at the bottom of the table, but one appears once you start to swipe scroll (and then vanishes).

My preference would be that table resized to fit the screen width, say going from 5 columns to 2 columns. Something that should be possible to arrange. That does mean longer pages, but the user is already scrolling downwards, they just have to do more of it.

Maybe these tables are a PBS wiki thing, and the rest of the world has a different technique(?).


Samsung Fold5: scroll  by swipe(no visible scroll bar), on both the narrow front screen, and wide tablet screen. Works either way for me, as the tablet screen is almost the usual width of a desktop browser page.