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Started by Bwosczyna, November 22, 2023, 07:34:27 PM

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Let me begin by heartily thanking immediate past President Robin Hansen for her efforts on behalf of the Society.  We wish her well in the future, but as she will continue to edit The Bulb Garden, are happy she will still be involved with PBS.  We are grateful for her experience, expertise and time at the helm. I must also personally recognize Jan Jeddeloh, who wrangled the SX for the last couple of years, as she steps out of her role and gets to spend more time on her own endeavors. 

I would like to welcome Mark Akimoff and Lisa Zankowski to the Board in their respective positions as Vice President and Seed Exchange Manager.  

I would also like to thank each of our current Board members for their efforts on behalf of PBS.  A stellar team of dedicated bulb nuts whose combined knowledge is vast. Each of them brings something interesting and helpful to the table. I have already learned much from them and they are generous with their time and energy. There is much happening behind the scenes to keep PBS running of which many members may not be aware.

I thought it may be helpful to share a little bit of background on myself.  I garden in southeast Pennsylvania.  My passion is hardy aroids, arums and arisaema, especially.  Many of you have had interaction with me in my position as Bulb Exchange Manager, of course, and I will continue to hold that position. It is one of my favorite things about PBS: I get to see all of the fabulous items our members donate and send them on their way to new homes.  Every small box represents a whole lot of hope and excitement. 

My horticultural background is hobby grower, prior owner of a small garden maintenance business and garden enthusiast. 

My journey to heading up PBS is amusing to me.  About ten years ago a friend of mine who lives in Australia introduced me to arums - really interesting arums; he grew enormous dracunculus and miniscule biarum.  They spoke to me because I am into nearly any plant that possesses a spadix. I had been growing arisaema for years but had not explored further as I was creating a Japanese woodland garden at my last house.  Mediterranean bulbs/corms were a revelation.  I was hooked, but how to get all these cool things?  He suggested I join horticultural societies and acquire seed. I did. NARGS, SRGC, PBS. I ordered seeds from all, treated them all wrong and lost mostly everything.  But then I requested bulbs and corms from PBS.  And the love affair began.  After several years, I volunteered to take over the BX because I felt I needed to give back to PBS.  I'd enjoyed inexpensive access to rare bulbs you cannot obtain easily, not to mention access to the Wiki.  (An invaluable resource. It is by far one of the best tools referred to time and again by experts and newbies all over the world.)

My seed game still needs work; I'm getting there. But I do have a lovely collection of arum and relatives growing in my garden, along with myriad member-donated items I've received over the years from the BX. I've been posting on social media about membership having its privileges for some time and will continue to do so. Louder.  I am PBS's biggest cheerleader.

My hope for my time as President is to grow the Society, foster improved communication between the Board and members where appropriate, assure we are financially stable, make some changes to our social media presence and shepherd new ideas as they are introduced.  

I'm looking forward to the next couple of years as a steward of PBS. It's important to me. 

Thank you.
Bridget Wosczyna

P.S.  I would like to reiterate the matter that Arnold addressed in his recent email: membership.  If you renew (or join) now, you can do so at the current rate of $20 a year US ($25 overseas).  You could renew for the next few years at that current rate of $20 (or $25 overseas) as long as you do so by December 31.  Thereafter, annual membership rates will be increased to $25/$30.