Flores & Watson

Joyce Miller onager@midtown.net
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 14:14:26 PDT
Dear Friends,
         I queried Flores & Watson awhile ago concerning the requirement 
for a phytosanitary certificate for seed imports from commercial 
venders.  Their response is below.
                 Sincerely,  Joyce MillerTo: onager@midtown.net

Subject: Re: Phyto-sanitary Certificate - reply, J. & A. Watson

We do not have phytosanitary clearance for our seeds, either from the 
source countries or from UK.  Even if possible it would not be worth the 
hassle for our marginal operation.  At present we still have folks placing 
orders from US this year.  They range from one who not only knows about the 
new regulations but has sent us an importation certificate to cover the 
seeds we are sending.  Two or three others know well about the regulations 
but have found from experience that others are receiving seeds without 
documentation and that these are getting through without problems. 
(Although one customer had their order opened and 3 items confiscated LAST 
YEAR, before the new regulations!  The large bulk of the order was, 
however, forwarded.)  For remaining customers we do not know what their 
state of knowledge is, but I presume all conscious serious gardeners in the 
states MUST be aware!  At all events we intend to post off larger orders in 
more than one batch to be on the safer side.

We give you this info to allow you to make up your own mind and assess the 
risk/moral situation.

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