Raised bed questions/planting cages

Douglas Westfall eagle85@flash.net
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 12:37:09 PDT
I have been making wire cages for several years for ourselves and our
in-laws. We have summer homes in the mountains at 6000 feet.  We plant all
bulbs in them.

We make the cages of 1/2 wire mesh and bury them at whatever depth is
necessary for the particular specie.  We have planted many different
California native bulbs, daffodils, crocus, and others.

On the larger bulbs, a larger mesh is necessary.  If squirels are the main
problem, we have used a piece of 3/4 or 1 inch mesh. We bent about 2 inches
of wire down and cover the bulbs.  It seems to discourage the squirels to
the point that they leave the bulbs alone - at least they have for the past
4 years. It works!

Doug Westfall

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