Naked ladies cavorting in my yard

Cathy Craig
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 19:49:24 PDT
Dear all,

Mike, I was wondering what had happened to you and am glad you have stopped
lurking - you have much knowledge to share with the rest of us. Besides, we
like you.

Ok, I just hiked (slid?) down my steep slope to have a look at the A.
belladonnas from Les Hannibal that John and I planted about 18 months ago.
If any of them bloomed last year I did not see them. I frankly didn't expect
to see any blooms having moved them into their new home here from Sacramento
so recently. This year they dutifully put up nice leaves. I just cleared
away ivy, fallen pine needles, and other forest debris to take a look. The
sprinklers went on today so the ground they are in is pretty damp. All the
leaves have died back completely. I see that it is pretty shady there this
year since we had the trees topped but not laced so far. No spikes so far.
Booo! I hope it isn't to shady for them. Since John is off this week,
perhaps we can get down there and lace out and limb up a few trees directly
overhead. And I might reduce the time the sprinklers hit them too.

One A. b. I got from the BX some years back, and is still in a pot I am
embarassed to say, has at last bloomed. It is labeled 'Johanesberg' and was
originally from Brent Dickerson I think. It is a bright, almost
glow-in-the-dark pink. If it is fragrant beyond extremely slightly I cannot
detect it. However at least it is blooming, pot or no pot. For some reason I
expected 'Johanesberg' to be white. ??? A tall beauty though and I am still
continually grateful for the BX - we got such great stuff. However we have
one here now and Dell has offered some terrific bulbs and seeds again so
far. Nice work Dell and thanks again to all donors!

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