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John Lonsdale
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 18:59:56 PDT
After much frustration and a longer delay than envisaged (so what's new) a skeleton of my new web-site is up and running at  It is very much the bare bones but I'd appreciate a few folks checking out the aspWebAlbum in the real world and letting me know how it behaves.  I haven't and won't advertise the fact that it is there to a wider audience until I've had some feedback and played around with it some more.  As it says on the site, the webalbum is the main feature which allows access to around 1500 images, all taken in the garden here (OK so two of them weren't!).  The problem has been getting something up that allows for easy access and frequent and facile updating, and hopefully this may be it.
I have developed it using Microsoft FrontPage using an Internet Explorer version 6.0 browser.  It works just fine at a variety of screen resolutions.  However, the script output formatting messes up big time using IE5 (not sure why anyone would still be running that or earlier) and I have not tried it on Netscape.  I will install the latter on my other machine and see what it looks like - but probably won't be able to do much about it if it is awful.  The script was written for IE.  I have kept the filesizes minimized so hopefully downloading shouldn't normally be an issue.  Please let me know if it is.  Thumbnails are in the 5-10K range and the 640 x 480s are between 30 and 75K, in the main.  Again, batch processing is an absolute requirement for thousands of images so there are a few bigger images, but not many - there really isn't an opportunity for individual tweaks once the initial exposure/color balance/sharpening has been done.  Comments (good, bad or constructive) about the images are also welcome.
Anyway, please have a look and let me know what you think.
Very many thanks, J.
The URL would help - 
Dr John T Lonsdale
Zone 6b

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