Raised bed questions/planting cages

Lisa and Al Flaum osthill@htc.net
Sat, 17 Aug 2002 10:49:03 PDT
Hi Marguerite,

I thought someone might catch that!  Gophers have not, so far, been a problem. I am fighting the squirrels that dig things up and the moles that leave tunnels for voles.  Moles have been unwilling to fight their way through the fencing and just tunnel around the cages. Only once squirrel has ever figured out how to dig and open  a crocus cage.  

It seems that there is enough food around here that wildlofe only need a deterent (Please let the gods of fate be reading something else!!!)


Marguerite English wrote:
> And, just to remind us: a small gopher can get through 3/4 inch
> openings.  We caught one in the open and dropped a commercial plant cage
> over it.  It went right through.   So we now always use 1/2 inch.  It is
> true that the gopher didn't seem to be adult size....

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