Bio from Bill Dijk

Bill Dijk
Sat, 17 Aug 2002 16:39:33 PDT
 Hi Folks,
First of all, I am pleased to join PBS and reacquaint myself with so many old friends again. I will introduce myself to the forum, although most of you already know me from the IBS forum. For those who do not know me, I live in Tauranga, the Bay of Plenty (self-explanatory) New Zealand. I was born in Holland, where I got most of my horticultural education and certificates, but it was not until we, 42 years ago, a as married couple, emigrated to green, clean, and yet unspoiled New Zealand that I fell in love with this beautiful country with its rich often spectacular natural scenery, widely contrasting landscapes, high mountains, primeval rainforest, active volcanoes, mighty waterfalls, tranquil lakes, steaming geysers, and icy glaciers. (I should get a commission for promoting New Zealand from the tourism industry)

We (husband & wife) manage and operate a small mail-order nursery (mainly bulbs) both hardy and tender. I am semi-retired (whatever that means) but I seem to work harder than before retirement. No rest for the wicked they say My main interests and specialities are in rare and unusual bulbs, although I will grow and enjoy almost anything that offers a challenge with bulbs and produces beautiful flowers. 

My favourites geophytes are Tecophilaea's (in full glorious bloom at the moment) Cyrtanthus, Lachenalia, Romulea, Lapeirousia, miniature Narcissi species and varieties, Fritillaria, Hippeastrum, Brunsvigia, Oxalis, Leucocoryne, Rhodophiala, Tropaeolum, Trillium, Gladioli, Moraea etc Calocortus, Ariseama, just to mention a few. 

I am a member of various societies including the IBS, which I will still support and keep in touch with. I still have fond memories of the last Symposium, where I met a lot of interesting, friendly and knowledgeable people. I sincerely hope that one day in the near future, both forums can forgive and forget, and join forces again, to share knowledge and expertise for the benefit and education of all keen, peace-loving bulb growers. I look forward to participating and sharing in this group whenever I get some spare time from our busy work load in the nursery. BTW: if you ever planning to visit NZ down-under, drop in, say hello, and sample some of the scenery, our hospitality, local delights, and anything that is in flower in our nursery.

Happy to be onboard,

Bill Dijk

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