years from seed to flower

Fri, 09 Aug 2002 22:46:09 PDT
you are not alone there. I also have some species of Glads and other species
I've grown from seed I've received from various suppliers in SA, and they
produce lovely foliage each year but I'm still waiting for flowers. However,
I'm willing to persevere until they come.
A few years ago I compiled a database of my own seed-sowing, germination
times for seed, of many of the SA species. I'm happy to dig it out and post
it, if it will be a help. But these are Australian conditions of course.
Part of my research was planting the same seed, early in the season, late in
the season, etc., to compare germination rates and the results were quite
I intend to continue this eventually, when I retire which doesn't seem
likely to happen just yet.
Your idea for a group database is an excellent idea.
Bill Richardson
0-15c. Cold, wet days of winter.
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