Naked ladies

Fri, 09 Aug 2002 17:23:23 PDT
Dear all,
growing conditions for naked ladies here is pretty easy to follow here in
Victoria. Put them in the ground and forget about them. They will raise their lovely heads each year in all their splendour. They need no special treatment,
although I guess Naked ladies would appreciate a bit of TLC occasionally.

We've had this discussion before on other forums and I guess we always will
each year they flower. Here in Victoria, they are used by our local councils as feature plants - they just plant them and forget them, as part of their garden projects of low maintenance.

I 've been watching a clump of them growing by the sea where the local
council  at Inverloch have planted clumps under trees. I've been going there
once a year to a jazz festival and they are always in flower at that time.
The first year I saw them, I photographed them (will try to find it if I can
and post it).

Each other year I have returned to find them and note their growth - the
clumps get bigger each year. The ground where they grow is rock-solid the
beautiful flower stems still push their way through to reward us. They would
get no watering, no fertiliser and I am sure they never get any attention.
This year, there was a bit of damage to the clump as they had been trodden
on by the huge masses of people there for the festival, but the flower stems
were still intact.

I'm looking forward to my visit next year and will report back to our group
on their progress (God willing). Might even get another photo.
Bill Richardson
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