Paramongaia weberbaueri & Lapeirousia oreogena

Gerrit Oskam
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 04:07:27 PDT
Dear Mary Sue and all,

After several years of cultivation Paramongaia flowered with me for the
first time last November.
With me it is strictly winter growing at temperatures around 12 - 15
degrees Celsius.
I grow it in a windowsill where it usually starts growing in the second
half of October. It needs a porous soil and moderate watering.
When water is hold back too long it will decide to go dormant. It hates
the dry warm air from radiators which will also cause early dormancy.
Both Paramongaia and Pamianthe do not want to be grown under warm
circumstances as is sometimes suggested. They are definitely for the
temperate greenhouse.
Paramongaia goes dormant when the sunlight becomes stronger in
March/April and the temperature is rising behind the glass in the
windowsill. To me it seems to need a warm dry summerrest to initiate the
forming of flowering buds.
In a well equipped greenhouse with protection from strong sunlight and
temperature control it will be possible to give Paramongaia a longer
growing season up to May/June.
Under the same conditions as Paramongaia I grow a pot with Hippeastrum
igneum which is also a wintergrower. I understand that this should now
be called Rhodophiala igneum. It is remarkable that this bulb has no
lasting perennial roots like many Amaryllids; it makes new roots every
year. Are other members of this forum growing it?
In addition I enclose my contribution on Paramongaia of 6th January on
the IBS forum.

Greetings, Gerrit Oskam

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