Paramongaia weberbaueri

Gerrit Oskam
Tue, 20 Aug 2002 04:07:27 PDT
Dear Elizabeth,

The Amaryllis Yearbook (Plant Life) for 1973 contains an article about
the introduction and cultivation of Paramongaia written by Marvin
From this article it becomes clear that there are two populations of
Paramongaia growing in Peru. One population growing at 10.000 feet and
another one near the coast.
This might be the explanation for the different circumstances under
which the members of this forum are growing their Paramongaias although
I am still surprised to hear that Paramongaia can be grown in Summer.
I do remember having have met a representative of a Peruvian firm named
Peru Fillers at a flower show in Aalsmeer about 5 years ago.
They had made their own selections of Paramongaia weberbaueri and
Hymenocallis amancaes. However I have not been able to contact them
Does the name of this firm ring a bell with a member of this forum?

Best wishes,

Gerrit Oskam

Elizabeth Peters wrote:
>  Hi!
> This is my first year growing this plant,  and I was unable to get any growth at all on it all summer even though our temperatures here are mild to say the least with temps rarely exceeding 85 degrees F, and usually much lower.  Does anyone know what the conditions are in its natural habitat?
> Best Wishes,
> Elizabeth Peters

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