Tecophilia violiflora

DrR Hamilton robhamilton@trump.net.au
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 23:50:25 PDT
Hi  Bill,

Thanks  for the Tecophilia  cyanocrocus  information.

Do  you  have any  experience  with Tecophilia violiflora ? It  grows  and
increases  well for  me but has  never  flowered. A  previous  request on
culture  has  suggested it may  need to  be a little  warmer in  winter than
T  cyanocrocus.

I think  my  climate  is similar  to  yours  with  perhaps a  wider
temperature  range and  less rainfall.




Dr R F Hamilton, 7 Beach Road, Snug 7054
Tasmania, Australia
Temperate Marine Climate (USDA 8/9)
Average Garden Rainfall 26.7 inches per annum
 - fairly even  spread (range 21-36)
Temperature extremes -2 C  ,  38 C. (Very occasionally)

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