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TGlavich@aol.com TGlavich@aol.com
Thu, 22 Aug 2002 22:17:23 PDT
A bit about the other seed I donated.  I already wrote about the Trit and 

Ornithogallum umbellatum is a large flowering variety, grown from a bulb 
given to me by a Succulent collector.  No data.

Kniphofia uvaria, or red hot poker, is from Silverhill seed.  From the same 
seed batch, I have red, orange and nearly yellow flowered plants.  Easy to 
grow, offsets freely.

Scilla peruviana was planted along my driveway when I bought my house 16 
years ago.  There were hundreds then, there still are.  No care, no summer 
water, extremely reliable.

Bulbine alooides is a fat leaved Bulbine, grown from seed distributed by the 
Haworthia Society several years ago.  I have the details if anyone needs 
them.  Easy to grow, winter (spring) grower, dies back quite a bit about this 
time of year.  Great yellow Bulbine flowers, stays small, about 4 inch leaves 
with 12 inch flower stalks.


1. Tritoniopsis (formerly Anapalina) caffra
2. Albuca circinata
3. Ornithogallum umbellatum
4. Kniphofia uvaria
5. Scilla peruviana
6. Bulbine alooides

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