Years from seed to flower - one year or less

Roy M. Sachs
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:01:54 PDT
"How about if in the next few weeks anyone who is willing to share 
with the group reports of any species of geophyte that he or she has 
gotten to bloom in one year or less. Just report the name of the 
plant and your location."

Any number of direct seeded alstroemeria hybrids and more than a few 
species (including aurea, ligtu, longistamina and pulchella) have 
bloomed in less than one year in Davis, CA; hot, dry from June 
through September; cool (23 Cday and 10 to 15 C night), humid to wet 
but occasionally dry, spring and fall; radiation freezes, down to -5 
C in the winter months, with occasional Arctic express; rainfall 
largely in the December to March interval. Irrigation applied in the 
April to October interval as required to keep soil near field 
capacity (wet).

Seedlings of Lilium phillippii (sp) also flowered in the first year from sowing

I have germinated lots of stuff that has not flowered in one or two 
years, including every glad, amaryllid and calla that I've tried.

(Mary Sue;  Do you want greenhouse results thrown in?  If so the 
alstroemeria species list grows considerably).

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