Sue Haffner
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:29:58 PDT
Hi, all,

I've been interested in bulbs for a long time, and have a lot
in the yard and in pots. South Africans are a special interest
--an outgrowth, I guess, of a long-standing interest in cacti
and succulents (many of the most delectible succulents are
SA genera.) Other plant interests: begonias, gesneriads, seed
raising, aroids, etc., etc.

I belong to a ridiculous number of plant societies--to get their
publications, mostly. I'm on the board of the Cactus & Succulent
Society of America and operate the CSSA Seed Depot, the seed
distribution program. I also serve as the North American rep for
several specialty societies based in the U.K.: Int'l Sansevieria
Society, Int'l Asclepiad Society, Sedum Society, and Euphorbiaceae
Study Group. I'm active in two local clubs and write the monthly
newsletters for each. (In fact, Saturday I went back through the
18 years of the cactus club newsletter--just to make sure I was
not writing about the same plants time and again. No, I wasn't.
But I was surprised to discover that the genus I had written
about most was--Opuntia! Never would have guessed.)

Clovis is in the central San Joaquin Valley of California, with
very hot, arid summers and fairly mild, wet winters. Parts of my
yard could very easily be kept completely dry all summer for those
bulbs that need it.

Well, enough for now.


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