Bulbinella advice? was Never germinate

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Mon, 12 Aug 2002 12:30:29 PDT
Diane Whitehead (hello, Diane!) wrote:

> Bulbinella hookeri  - tried at least 4 times from RHS seed
collected at Wisley

Seeds of B. hookeri straight from New Zealand, from several
sources, failed for me repeatedly. But this year I have young
Bulbinellas  coming out my ears. The seeds were again from New
Zealand, but through  the Alpine Garden Club of BC. The club
distributed the seeds  promptly, in our northern-hemisphere
spring, if I recall, but, being distractible and busy, I didn't
sow them until our autumn -- in late October 2001. I soaked them
in water for a couple of days first. If there are any lessons
here, please feel free to extract them.  I'm still at the "case
by case" stage.

But now I have new problems. All my Bulbinellas germinated in one
10-cm (4") pot, as thickly as turf. I never transplanted them;
dare I use the "distractible and busy" excuse again? As they
brown down, shall I stop watering? When should I transplant them?
How hardy are they?

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