Years from seed to flower - alstros, one year or less in GH

Roy M. Sachs
Mon, 12 Aug 2002 13:54:09 PDT
Alstroemeria species that flowered in about 10 months from sowing in 
a Davis greenhouse in which winter minimum is about 14 C and summer 
maximum about 28 C;

A. angustifolia
A. aurea (yellow and orange selections)
A. diluta
A. excerens
A. garaventai
A. graminea
A. hookeri ssp. Hookeri
A. huemulina
A. kingii
A. leporina
A. ligtu (pink, white, orange, & yellow selections)
A. longistamina
A. magenta
A. magnifica
A. magnifica gayana
A. magnifica maxima
A. magnifica magnifica
A. magnifica Sierrae (purple and white selections)
A. pallida
A. paupercula
A. pelegrina (blue and white selections)
A. phillippii
A. presliana australis
A. pulchra
A. pulchella
A. revoluta
A. schizanthoides
A. spectabilis
A. versicolor
A. werdermanii
A. zoellnerii

Hookeri is a beauty!

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