Zephyranthes - a little late

Kevin D. Preuss hyline@tampabay.rr.com
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 18:34:22 PDT
 Greetings all,             
    as the name states, "westwind flower", zephyranthes require a seasonal 
shift of the wind patterns; as winter and spring pass, the winds shift from 
the east to the west and this brings the tropical storms off of the warm 
waters of the Gulf...it is these rains from the West that induce flowering. 
The pressure of these storms may play a small role as well.   Nothing can 
substitute these conditions, but heavy, warm rains in general will induce 
             As a newcomer to this forum, let me introduce 
myself.  - For the most part, my bulb experiences are limited to amaryllids, 
which have taken over.   Most of the bulbs I grow are New World and more or 
less tropical (that's what does best here).   I breed Griffinias, 
Hippeastrums and more reecently have made some nice hymenocallis crosses.   
Other things like rainlilies, amazon lilies, and various crinums reside in my 
gardens and yard.                
             For now I am teaching adjunct Field Biology at the 
local college and starting up my new business, Amaryllis Plus.   The 
"official" website should be up in a month or so...             
             For now  I have a personal site up at 

Best wishes to all 
Kevin Preuss
St. Petersburg,  FL             

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