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John Lonsdale
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 17:55:49 PDT
It's my turn to apologize, maybe my sense of humor isn't too obvious ?  I
was tempted to put a <LOL> or <grin> after my question about the snowdrop
but the devil in me said no.

I spent the day 2/3 emptying a 24' x 4' sand bed full of goodies, mainly
crocus, retic and onco iris, with a variety of Leoticoides corydalis also
thrown in.  I'm thrilled with the quality and quantity of bulbs I've got
out - now to clean them.  There were a few colchicum in there (triphyllum,
neapolitanum, cupanii var. cousterii and cupanii var. glossophyllum) - all
did pretty well.  Sternbergia greuteriana has also made up beautifully.
Crocus of note that have thrived are mathewii, leitchlinii, graveolens,
adanensis, baytopiorum and antalyensis.  I also got out some niveus bigger
than I've ever seen - about 5" diameter !  The oncos that have done best are
gatesii (30 flowers this year), sari (20), urmiensis and kirkwoodii (25
flowers).  It was interesting to see that the Crocus leitchlinii seed pods
were again way below ground.

Anyway, enough waffle - must go eat.  When you have a bit of that enmasse
spare I'd appreciate it.  I'll reciprocate with some Colchicum seed.  Is
there really no way to import clean bulbs ?



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