Gerrit Oskam
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 12:24:08 PDT
Dear All,

Mary Sue Ittner <> asked me to introduce myself after being added to the forum.

I am 43 years old and living in Wijk bij Duurstede, a small town in the
province of Utrecht which is in central part of The Netherlands.
I remember very well ordering my first bulbs from Van Tubergen when I
was a boy of 15 years old, spending all my pocket money on them.
Van Tubergen has closed down for years now but they were the first to
cause my interest in bulbs with their magnificent broad range which has
never been equalled since.

I try to grow a lot of hardy and non hardy species and varieties of all
types of bulbous and non bulbous monocots. 
Favourites are all members of the Amaryllidaceae, Fritillaries, Lilies,
Galanthus, Crocus, Bessera, Kniphofia and Tulips.
When writing this down I realize that other favourites do not belong to
the Monocots like Anemone, Paeonia, Dahlia and Cosmos.
I am happy to be added to this forum and have recognized already many
names from the IBS forum. I will remain a member of the IBS forum and
hope that both forums will be a source of inspiration and sharing of
knowledge on bulbs.

Greetings from a very warm (30 degr. C)and sunny Netherlands,

Gerrit Oskam

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