Difficult Seeds--PBS TOW

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 10:26:57 PST
Reading Mark's message and Georgie/Diana's message reminds me of how our 
own microclimates may affect our success with seeds. Calochortus amoenus is 
one of my successes from seed. Even last year I didn't lose that species. 
Calochortus tolmiei is more problematic for me. It is one of my favorite 
Calochortus and grows locally. Mine often dwindle. Some years I have no 
luck with it, but seed last year didn't germinate until February and March 
so didn't go down in the wet. I have my fingers crossed they will return. 
If you are interested in Calochortus and are not a member Mark you should 
join the Mariposa Society. As Georgie says their seed policy is extremely 
generous so you can afford to experiment and there is no better place to 
learn about each species. Mark also was successful with Lapeirousia 
oreogena which I can't get to come up.

No one has responded to the question of growing Crocus from seed. I too 
have had germination sometimes the following year or 4 or 5 months after 
sowing. Any help from the experts? Or is this to be expected.

Mary Sue

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