Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 10:23:06 PST
Dear All,

My original seed came from Jim Forrest in New Zealand who I suspect got his 
seed from Flores & Watson. My comment about thinking it might need some 
water during dormancy just came from my observation that the ones I planted 
in a summer dry raised bed never came back. I have since given my dormant 
pots occasional summer water and have had good luck. Mine stay outside all 
the time so get heavy winter rain and occasional freezing temperatures. I 
move them to the shade for summer. I guess I am going to need to try 
planting one out again and see what happens.

Mine bloom in May and June which once again is later than in the UK. This 
year I repotted into a larger pot and looked at it carefully and it 
reminded me of some of those Australian geophytes with their amazingly 
strange underground storage organs. From memory I'm not sure I can describe 
it, but if Peter calls it a rhizome maybe it also has tuberous roots while 
in growth.

Mary Sue 

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