Eustephia jujuyensis etc.

Kevin D. Preuss
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 03:01:18 PST
John and Den,

When somebody works on the genus, I am sure it will be clarified.  Until one
is familiar w/ all the taxa (well at least most), it is hard to say where it
will fall.  Do I recall Alan Meerow saying that it was affiliated w/ E.

The problem with working on Amryllids is that you need to grow em to able to
study em!  I can not image how one covers a group that one has no experience

For now, it will remian Eustephia jujuyensis in my collection. At least I
know where it comes from!  This is not a bad thing, as I myself lable many
plants Genus & locality (eg Griffinia itubera), while it may not be
taxonomically correct it is logical.

Happy New Year!

Kevin Preuss

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