New News of Jack Elliott

Cathy Craig
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 20:21:00 PST
Dear all,

(Jane please pass this onto NARGS and Linda please pass this on to the
Lilium list if your members wish it, thanks).

Per my promise, here is several pieces of news of Jack Elliott, who
continues to improve with each passing month. We, at last, have a one-man
personal contact in Jack's son, David, who works under Trevor Wiltshire at
Wisley in the UK. You will find reference to his email address contained in
the messages below. Thank goodness for Jack's progress. We are all very
relieved to have news again!

Despite Jack still being disabled, he is better than the last I heard, a few
months back from his daughter. At that time he could not even speak yes or
no, which it appears he now can, nor could he walk as he was completely
paralized on one side. This has now changed and things, to me at least, are
looking very much better.

From Brian Mathew about a week prior to Christmas '02:

  I am in touch with Jean and Jack Elliott quite a bit and have visited him
several times in recent months. When I last went a few weeks ago I think it
is realistic to say that there was not really any improvement. One imagines
sometimes that he is slightly better, but I think it depends upon the day
rather than any consistent progress. He is very disabled - the main movement
is in one arm, and he has very little speech, mainly yes or no. He does
appear to understand everything one says, although it is a bit difficult to
judge when he cannot respond, but he does smile and react well to any
amusing comments. I usually pick a bunch of treasures from the garden, or
take photographs, and sit with him giving details and telling stories about
them. He does go home for lunch and Jean says that he enjoys that very much.
She also goes in to see him almost every day and helps with his therapy. I
know that he would love to hear from old friends - probably greetings are
best sent via Jean, and I assume that you have their address. He no longer
uses the computer, so e-mail is not an option.

From Trevor Wiltshire at Wisley in the last day or two:

 All is well with Jack
>and although he has not regained his speech he is mobile (albeit with
>assistance of a frame).  As I have said before he enjoys seeing the posies
>of alpines we take down to him and takes interest in all around him. He is
>quite capable of reading!

From David Elliott, Jack's son, in the last day or two:

Can you possibly put the
>message out that he [Jack] is fine and had a great Christmas with the
family at
>home for the day. We will actually be seeing him on the 4th Jan when he is
>coming home again.
>If anyone from the States needs up to date information they can always
>e-mail me here at Wisley as I am in touch with Mum at least once a week.


Anyone wishing information may contact David Elliott: David's email address

Otherwise, I shall post information to the group as it comes available.

Please continue to send Jack cards and letters at his home address and
anyone in the UK or travelling there, please do arrange to go see him and
give him our fondest regards and wishes for his continued recovery!

Thanks, all.

Cathy Craig President PBS
Maritime zone 9b

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