gerrit oskam
Sun, 01 Dec 2002 05:39:30 PST
Dear Peter, Jane and all,

Pasithea proved to be a difficult plant for me to grow until I got the seed 
collected by Flores & Watson a few years ago. These plants grow and flower very well and gave a lot of seed in 2001.

During the winter I try to keep them in an unheated greenhouse where they 
get some frost (minus 2 or 3 degrees Celsius) despite the cover with double 
layered plastic during frost periods.

Like many plants of the higher elevations they don't like high temperatures 
either and I usually plunge the pots outside in a sandbed at the end of March.

During summer Pasithea can be kept quite dry like other Mediterranean 
bulbs. An experienced grower  once advised me to let the Mediterranean 
things (Arum  etc.) not become dust dry when dormant.  I usually keep the 
pots on a terrace where they receive they some moisture now and then.

Best, Gerrit Oskam, Netherlands zone 7-8 

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